Guitar Ted Death Ride Invitational Official History Site

Welcome To The GTDRI History Site: Here's where you can find all the  reference materials and stories of the event that was the GTDRI. This event will not be a publicly held event post 2020.

  12/11/20:   After much reflection I have decided to 'retire' from event promotions, hosting, and planning. This means an end has come to 'public' GTDRI's in the future. From this point on I will be doing solo adventures and there may be a report showing up here, there may not. (See anything that might show up after this entry which will be dated for reference)

In the future I plan on doing a retrospective series concerning the event's history for anyone that cares. Links will be provided here if and when that happens. Beyond that possibility, this site will remain here as a reference and a reminder of the good times. Thanks to one and all who helped out, participated, or came here to read and dream. Ride on!  

10/7/21: The second "Return To The Roots" Guitar Ted Death Ride happened in late September this year. I wanted to do this in August but Gravel Worlds fell mid-August and threw that idea out the window. Anyway... A long envisioned circumnavigation of Black Hawk County was the route this time. The report on the 112 mile day can be seen in four parts- Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4

  8/3/20: Due to the pandemic a public GTDRI was not held. The first solo "Return to the Roots" GTDRI was a truncated effort I called "Country Views: A Ride To Indy"- Report HERE

7/28/19: Another one in the books. 14 intrepid souls made the ride. This one I am calling "Thunder Road", and if you were there, you'll understand. 11 finished this one. Report links- Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 

 7/22/19: Course can be downloaded from this LINK NOTE: Cues are effed. GPS files  are fine

7/30/18: The 13th Annual GTDRI was perhaps the best ever. Better than last year even! 25 riders total!  Report  #1 HERE Report #2 HERE

 8/7/17: The 12th Guitar Ted Death Ride Invitational went off perfectly. The weather was PERFECT!! The best of any of the 12.  If you missed this one, the "Tour Of Dirt Roads" version of the GTDRI was the best one yet. Seven riders started and six finished.  Thanks to the six riders that joined me this year! Here are the reports- Part I Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

 7/31/16: The 11th GTDRI was ridden by 8 folks and all but one, (ME!) finished. I had stomach issues and dropped out at mile 110, but the others finished out. No real issues this year, but we will likely all remember the nasty B Road on 270th for a long time!  

7/26/15: The 10th GTDRI went off without a hitch, but that isn't to say it was easy! The ride report is in three parts.  Read Part 1 here. Read Part 2 HERE. Read part 3 HERE. Thanks to the 10 riders that showed up to ride with me this year. 

10/15/14:The 2014 GTDRI will forever be remembered for the crash at what became the end of the ride at Mile 95. We did have a nice group of seven including myself. Here are the reports from the ride entitled "It Could Have Been Worse" Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 , and Part 5.

7/15/12:The GTDRI was a big success! 9 intrepid riders showed up from as far away as Kansas and Nebraska for this edition of the ride. It was hot, humid, we got rained on, and all in all had a great time. 6 finished the complete 120 mile course.   A BIG THANK YOU to all you who made the ride awesome!  Links  to the story on this one- Part 1Part 2, Part 3, Part  3.1 , Part  4

08/01/11:  Another GTDRI In The Books! We got in right at 100 miles with temps in the upper 90's and brutal heat in the afternoon. Thanks to all in attendance. It was awesome to see all of you.  Report #1 Here. Report #2 Here

 7/19/10: The GTDRI 2010 Report can be found here: Into The Heat   It was a really hot day with temperatures reaching into the mid-90's with high humidity and little wind. A recipe for a truncated version of the GTDRI. That has only happened once before due to a thunderstorm back in 2007. Thanks to Jeremy Fry and Jason Boucher for coming along on this burnt, crispy critter of a ride! 

Hit me with an e-mail if you want to let me know you'll be there or if you have any questions. I'll post up any last minute changes later if there are any. Stay tuned!


Event Details

 NOTICE: This Page Is Left Up For Reference Only! The GTDRI As An Event Has Been Retired. Thank You For Your Interest!

Why: Because I like to go on long gravel rides. Maybe you do too? If so, consider yourself invited.

Where: County gravel roads and maybe a "B" level maintenance road or two. A specific route will be posted after I verify the existence of the roads. Some pavement will be experienced through pass through towns. 

How: Self navigated by a provided route map. The map details will be posted later.There may be an accurate GPS file. Maybe. NO COURSE MARKINGS of any kind will be put up by me.  That's waaay too much work, and besides, all the roads are marked at intersections with "street signs", so your ride can find you if you bail out, get injured, are attacked by pigs, etc...... You will be self supporting. There are no aid stations....well, not in the traditional"race" sort of way. Convenience stores will have to do! No one will pick you up if you are in trouble that is related to this event since, well....I'll be riding it! There is nobody else! Fend for yourself or........... (It is called "Death Ride" after all!) Get the picture? That said, I'd recommend bringing your cell phone. (Maybe lights too, see the "Latest News" for more)

When and for How Long?:    114 miles for 2020  (Slightly before) Sun up to sun down.  -If ya wanna ride longer, that's entirely up to you. The event's "time stamp" will be at the aforementioned times.There will be time to hang out afterward if anyone is so inclined.

It's not a race?: Nope!  The point for me is to experience the terrain, the suffering, and the camaraderie of riding with any like-minded folk that show up. If no one does, well that's okay. I'll still be out there! I won't be keeping any results, so don't expect any! I'll keep a roster of who started and who finished. That's it. I'm going rain or shine. Be prepared to do the same if you come. This is pretty much a "no-rider-left-behind" type ride.

Notes On The Route: 114 miles, minimal dirt roads this time, more pavement due to the amount of pass-thru towns. There will also be fairly significant sections of rail trail (pea gravel) Big rolling hills interspersed with the flatter, rail road grade trails sections, and paved town sections. Plenty of re-supply options. STAY TUNED!!

Thank You's: I want to thank all of you that have expressed interest in this little ride.  
Keep checking back.