2015 GTDRI Cues

GTDRI 2015
·          START at crossing of the S. Fork of the Maquoketa River on 120th in park
·           Head East/South on 120th
·        2.13m Left on 140th
·          2.89m Left on 110th
·         3.5m Right on 130th Ave
·          4.57m >> Road Becomes Bluebird Ave
·         5.56m Right on State 410 >> past “Y” corner to HWY 3 DANGER!
·         6.32m Left on Forestville Road
·           7.89m Left on E. Mission Road
·           Continue Thru Strawberry Point >>
·         9.46m Right On Old Belgian Road
·          9.48m Left On Amission Road (Old Mission Road)
·         12.73m Right On A Avenue
·         14.52m Right On Acre Avenue
·         16.53m Right On 315th Street
·         18.69m Right On Bixby Avenue
·         19.39m Right On St. Sebald Road
·         21.13m Left On 338th Street
·         21.29m BR on Bighorn Road
·         24.08m Right On Drake Road
·         25.63m Left on Crystal Road
·         28.55m Left on Canoe Road (Paved) Caution
·         28.61m Right On Crystal Road (Volga)
·         29.78m Right On Domino Road
·         30.29m Left on Cass Street
·         30.62m Right On Buchanan Street
·         30.87m BL onto Birch Road >> gravel
·         33.75m Left on 265th Street
·         35.67m Left On Aztec Road
·         36.58m >> Road Becomes 147th Street
·         38.94m Left on E. Herriman Avenue (Wadena Rest Stop)

·         39.67m >> Road Becomes Derby Road
·          41.61m BR On Dogwood Road
·          45.28m Left On Dove Road
·          46.65m Right On Echo Valley Road
·          50.04m Right On Golden Road (Paved) Caution!
·          50.65m Jig-a-Jog L-R to Railroad Street (Elgin)
·          50.9m Right On Main Street
·          51.62m Right On Mill Street
·          51.91m  >> Road Becomes Acorn Road
·          52.16m Left On Abbey Road
·          55.00m Left On Chariot Road
·          67.13m >> Road Becomes Carter Street (Elkader Rest Stop)

·          67.49m BR On North 1st Street
·          67.93m Left On West Bridge Street
·          68.57m !X! HWY 13 DANGER! >> to gravel
·         70.37m BL On Airport Rd/Grape Road
·         72.55m Right On Harbor Road
·         75.97m Right On Ironwood Road- (Unfortunately paved now!)
·         77.77m Left On Kennedy Road
·         78.47m Right On Imperial Avenue (B Maintenance Road)
·         79.22m  >> Road Becomes 302nd Street
·         79.28m BL on 302nd Street
·         79.53m Right On Imperial Avenue
·         80.14m Left On Ironwood Road (Paved)
·         81.40m Right On Impala Road (Gravel)
·        82.25m  >> Road Becomes B Maintenance CAUTION!
·         84.50m Right on Garber Road (Paved Garber Iowa)
·         84.72m Left On Colesburg Road
·         85.70m Right On Iowa Avenue (Gravel)
·         86.78m Right On Hennipen Road @ bridge
·         87.44m Right On Hawk Avenue
·         87.82m Right to stay on Hawk Avenue
·         88.55m X County Road Caution!
·         88.69m Left On Hamlet Road
·         91.91m Right On Glacier Road
·        92.51m Left On Fantail Road
·         95.89m Right To Stay On Fantail Road
·         96.90m Left On Firefly Avenue
·         97.41m Left On Faucet Road
·         97.85m Right On Fortune Avenue
·         99.67m Right On 390th Street
·         100.63m X County Road  >> E Mission Road CAUTION!
·         106.74m Left On Commercial Street (Strawberry Point) Optional Rest Stop

·         107.19m Right On Lincoln Street >> gravel
·         107.73m >> Road Becomes 378th Street
·        109.50m Left On Acorn Road
·         110.35m Left On April Avenue
·         110.77m Right On 390th Street
·         110.97m Left On April Avenue
·         112.08m >> Road Becomes 110th Avenue
·         114.13m Left On 120th Street
·         115.66m FINISH @ River Xing.