2012 Guitar Ted Death Ride Cues

Note: These distances and cues are subject to change and the distances may not be absolutely accurate. Deal with it!

Preliminary cues for the 2014 Guitar Ted Death Ride Invitational
These are from the 2009 edition, which started in Echo Valley State Park. NOTE: These will be clocked and modified to show a start in either Strawberry Point or Backbone State Park.

Overall distance will be similar, but these cues will not be 100% accurate until I can recon the route and modify these. Stay tuned for updates.

@0m       Left  on Echo Valley Rd.
@7.9m    Right on B64 (to Elgin)
@.7m      Right on Main Street
@.6t        Right on W55/Mill St.
@ .4t       Left on Abbey Rd.
@ 2.5m   Left on Chariot Rd.
@12.5m  Right on 1st Street (Elkader)
@ 7blks  Left on Bridge St.
@ .5t       Cross HWY 13 to gravel CAUTION!
@ 2.0m   Stay Left on Grape Rd.
@ .6t       Stay Right on Grape Rd.
@ .5t       Stay Right on Grape Rd.
@ .5t       Go Straight on Grape Rd.
@.2t        Right on Harbor Rd.
@ .5t       Stay Left on C1X
@ 2.6m   Right on Ironwood/X41/C1X
@ 1.2m   Right on Ironwood/X41/C1X
@.5t        Left on Kennedy/C1X
@.6t        Right on Imperial Rd. (B road)
@ .7t       Left on 302nd
@.2t        Right on Imperial
@ .8t       Left on Ironwood (paved)
@ 1.3m   Right on Impala Rd.
@3.2m    Right on Garber Rd./C7X  (paved)
@ 1.5m   Right on Iowa
@ 1.0m   Right on Hennepin
@ .7t       Right on Hawk
@ .4t       Right on Hawk
@ .8t       Left on Hamlet Rd.
@2.8m    Right on Glacier Rd.
@ .6t       Left on Fantail Rd.
@ 3.3m   Left on Fantail Rd.
@ .6t       Right on Firefly Rd. (B road)
@ .5t       Left on Faucet Rd.
@ .5t       Left on Fortune Rd. (Bixby St. Preserve)
@ 1.7m   Right on 390th
@ 1.0m   Cross X21 and continue on Mission Rd.
@ 5.6m    Straight on to HWY3 (Strawberry Point)
@ 1.0m    Right then immediate LEFT on AMission Rd.
@ 2.3m    Right on A Ave.
@ 1.8m    Right on Acre Rd.
@ 1.9m    Right on 315th
@ 2.2m    Right on Bixby
@ .7t        Rightish-middle road is St. Sebald Rd. Take this road
@ 1.8m    Left on 338th
@.2t         Right on Big Horn Rd.
@ 2.7m    Right on Drake Rd.
@ 1.6m    Left on Crystal Rd.
@ 2.9m    Cross C24 (jig-a-jog to left) continue on Crystal Rd.
@ 1.1m    Right on C2W (paved)
@.5t         Left on Volga St. (Volga Iowa)
@.3t         Right on Buchanan St.
@ .2t        Left on Birtch Rd./ W7C
@ 2.9m    Left on 265th
@ 1.9m    Left on Aztec Rd.
@ 3.2m    Left on W51 (Wadena)
@.3t         Straight on to W. Herriman St.
@ 1.0m    Left on Depot
@ 1.7m    Left on Fox Rd.
@ 3.1m    Left on Grain Rd.
@ .3t        Right on Hemlock Rd.
@ 1.3m    Right on Heron Rd.
@ 3.5m    Right on Hammer Rd.
@ 1.8m    Right on Empire Rd.
@ .1t        Left (jig-a-jog) on to 180th (basically straight ahead)
@ .8t        Left on Echo Rd.
@.7t         Cross HWY 56
@ 1.5m    Left on Dove Rd.
@ 1.2m    Left on Echo valley rd.
@ 4.7m    FINISH!! (Beer optional)